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It’s lunch time & you only have 30 minutes to find something to eat & get back to work. You don’t have time to drive around & try something new so you end up going to the same place as always. And get the same boring food.

Or maybe you are having a party & don’t know what to serve. You don’t want to serve pizza again & hotdogs & burgers are out of the question. You wish someone could just handle the food for you but catering is expensive, time consuming & you never know what the food is going to taste like.

Either way Sin City Trucks have got your back.

It’s so easy to enjoy great food. Are you craving the best wings in town? Or maybe you would kill for some 12 HOUR SMOKED PORK.
There’s no reason to wait in a drive through just to find out your order is wrong. We love our customers & love the happiness our food provides. We are excited to see you & go out of our way to make your food experience the best it can be.

We understand you’re on the clock. That’s why we work fast to provide you with great tasting food made from great tasting ingredients. We use fresh ingredients from the local community. You never have to worry about your food coming from a frozen block.

And best of all you are going to love our prices. You get all this food love for the same price you would pay at your local fast food chain. Now thats what we call value.

Why go through the hassle of fast food when you can get great food fast.

Then when the weekend rolls around & you are hosting a get together with friends, let us handle all the details. Your guest will love the food & you’ll get to be a rockstar host.

Sin City Trucks is the place for all your food needs. Whether you need to grab a quick bite to eat, or have a lot of hungry people to satisfy we are here to serve you.

With Sin City Trucks you get great tasting, high quality food, made from fresh local ingredients, without the hassle of fast food, or the time & price of a gourmet restaurant.

So whether you need great tasting BBQ, or are in the mood for some delicious wings we got you covered.
Nows the time to treat yourself to the food you knew you deserved. Book us for an event or check out where we park during the week.

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